SOCC 0.3.3 Update!

SOCC 0.3.3 Update

SOCC has received a big ol' update! Prior builds are now organized into single packages to keep things tidy.
Here are the patch notes! 

SOCC now features network play!
Lobbies support up to 4 players and have 3 modes of rotation!

If more than two people join, the rest can't play!
Perfect for spectators, just make sure they join last.
Normal rotation swaps players based on the order they joined.
Game hog mode! Loser gets swapped out with another player.

An assortment of settings have been added!

    Sound effects and background music can now be toggled on or off through
    the options menu.


Off by default, this option toggles the display of keyboard inputs around
your Tubecat. Toggle this on if you find yourself getting confused by the
control scheme. 

    You can designate a tag to identify yourself with in online lobbies.

SOCC now features (DInput) gamepad support! Assign controls for Player 1 and Player 2 
through the options menu. While you can use analog interfaces, it is worth noting that the game does not 
support true analog input.

If for whatever reason you are experiencing difficulty setting up certain inputs, 
you can also modify the XML doc directly, located in AppData\LocalLow\Jacob Sirotta\SOCC 0_3_3.
Use the following naming convention:

    "joystick [device id (ONLY 1-16 is supported)] button [button id (ONLY 0-20 is supported)]"
    e.g. "joystick 1 button 3"
  • AXES
    "Joy_[device id (ONLY 1-16 is supported)]_[axis id (ONLY 1-11 is supported)]"
    e.g. "Joy_1_8"

IDs outside of the aforementioned bounds should result in errors, caution advised if going this route.


  • Menu tweaks.
  • Visual tweaks.
  • AI improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

New features were tested on a Win64 system, any potential issues related to OS differences are not known.
Furthermore, the Mac build target has crapped out on me. If it decides to work again one day, I'll be sure to upload the Mac build, but as for now debugging it seems more trouble than it would be worth. 

  • WebGL does not seem to be compatible with matchmaker and online play has been disabled for that build.
  • This is more of a safeguard to keep me from spending too much time on this thing, but two things: (1) If a player leaves a lobby, the lobby will close. (2) A lobby will not allow players to join while a game is in progress. 
  • Offline play's framerate does not cap properly.  To compensate, movement speeds are now time dependent, but as a result movement speeds may be slightly inconsistent compared to the (proper) online play movement speeds.
  • Offline Tubecats do not reset at the end of each round. This is because I am lazy.
  • Certain axes that are not inverted (such as a PS4 d-pad axis) may not work properly.

Feel free to report any issues, but no future updates are currently planned; SOCC is primarily a device I make use of to learn new things. If I discover some cool new thing that would be applicable to SOCC and expand my skill-set, then another update may come bringing other improvements with it. But for now, thanks for reading!


SOCC 0_3_3 37 MB
Aug 17, 2018
SOCC 0_3_3 34 MB
Aug 17, 2018
SOCC 0_3_3 63 MB
Aug 17, 2018


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