SOCC 0.1.2 Update!

SOCC now has AI opponents trained though machine learning, courtesy of ML-Agents! (

They're not perfect, but if you blink they'll pull out some absolutely bonkers dribbles and scores.

Unfortunately WebGL doesn't seem to play nice with the ML-Agents plugin or vice versa, and after much wasted time I decided to disable that feature for the WebGL build.

In addition, the game's physics were polished up a bit, movement feels much more consistent now and maybe even a little faster. And Player 2 faces the right way!

I've decided the simplicity of SOCC makes it a good candidate to experiment on, hence this update. On that note, without promising anything, this may not be the last update for SOCC. 



SOCC 0_1_2 37 MB
Jul 20, 2018
SOCC 0_1_2 34 MB
Jul 20, 2018
SOCC 0_1_2 46 MB
Jul 21, 2018
SOCC 0_1_2 63 MB
Jul 20, 2018
SOCC 0_1_2 18 MB
Jul 27, 2018


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