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(*NOTE: a superior version of this game is available on OUYA here *)

ROBOCAT (02 II DUO)/π JUDGEMENT DAYS is a randomly generated sidescrolling platformer, and the long-awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed ROBOCAT: RERVENGUREANCE. SHOOT STUFF! CAEHT!


  • An original soundtrack! (Made almost entirely out of MIDI instruments!)
  • 7 randomly generated levels!
  • 4 boss battles!
  • Gamepad support!
  • Local 2-player co-opetition!
  • 18 Different Achievements!
  • 6 Different weapons, and 8 Different Ammunitions!
  • 12 Different power-ups!
  • Walk on walls and ceilings! (Hold run-key to un-stick!)
  • Get MURDER-STREAKS to get extra lives! (15 for 1, 30 for 3, etc.!)


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Hi, Mr. Sirotta!

I didin't play your game yet, but I listened to your soundtracks with care. Here's my critic.

 Your MIDI instrument'ssoundtracks spread holes of "there's something that could be added to make it less empty". But... there are great times like in the third and sixth soundtracks The bad times can be improved with the long-lasting lead notes of the seventh soundtrack. The eight one is almost perfect: just make sure it's different sections are not too much "looped". The last one has the greatest ambiance, but is the most loopy of them all. 

Off course, I consider that if you tell me the repetition is part of the effect you wanted while people play the game, I'll understand you want it upsetting, but I'm also sure you want it harsh, but enjoyable. Music for video games can be awesome and I insure you I don't doubt about your creativity. I hope my comment build something better for your next soundtracks of any other new project.

Hi I make game to ouya I need who test mine on ouya

@yusuflight I can test your game.