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Pretty neat stuff, fun to play.

*Rurr* Hello! Here's Part 1 of my playthrough of the game, found it interesting although my only criticism is my original hypothesis and hope that there'd be numerous types of monsters with different playstyles coming after you, rather than just One the entire time - other than that, I'd hope to maybe see a game like this expanded upon! :P

Heyo, nice video! I agree, we definitely tossed that around, but under deadline we decided to call it safe.

Playing this game and I got one ending - defended myself, but all the game gave me was a big wall of Font I can't read - so I wanted to ask you dev, is there a way to translate the words into English? Lore/story wise? stones/items that allow me to decipher it or something? Are there changes or a big difference between the endings? Or me defending myself was a bad ending?

Heya! Good to hear the ending isn't busted! Of which there is only one outcome, although you can select an action at that point you cannot confirm it. The runes are theoretically translatable via the title screen and context clues, but we did not have enough time to test if that was actually possible. It is the English alphabet though, though some rune text is not in English. Thanks for playing!

This game absolutely terrified me!! I really liked this horror game, good job :) I couldn't beat it tho cause it was too difficult for me, heres my gameplay video i made of it:

Heya, I missed this, glad you seemed to enjoy it!